e-Signature Example Multi-Party

e-Signature: Client + You Options

Many electronic signature users need an agreement signed by 2 parties: themselves and someone else i.e. a client. You have 2 ways to do this: PRE-SIGNED: The Easy Way: Pre-Sign it yourself. Easy, effective, does the trick, and then it…

RAVE Score

RAVE Score

Rave Score is our Complete Customer Lifecycle Metric. It starts with 0 (completely unaware of you & your brand) to 100 (raving fan, refers you, reviews you highly online) and includes all the steps in between. You can modify this…

Exporting Data

Map a Domain or Subdomain to SwiftCloud

GOAL: 100% seamless for your customers – YOUR logo, your colors, even your domain. We must be able to legally guarantee the contents of the signature, and for that reason, it must be on a server we control. That said,…

Marketing Email Software

Group Email + Group SMS Policies

Summary: You need to build a reputation for not being a spammer; more on this below You must have certain legally required information set in your account – specifically, Your physical mailing address defined. Your company legal name defined (this…

Write Event to CSV Spreadsheet

A common request is to see a list of people who signed a doc. This system actually works with any of our systems – E-Signature, e-Commerce / Shop / Store, lead capture, event scheduler, etc – the same system applies….

Sign and Pay

Electronic Signature With Payment (Sign & Pay)

You can now get a signature and payment all in one step, on one doc. NOTE: If your doc contains Electronic Signature and a Payment Form, we will automatically change the button to Sign & Pay We have a variety…

CSV Import

How to import Aged Leads into SwiftCRM, or migrate from competing systems to SwiftCRM hosted CRM software.

Email Sequence

Autoresponders / Appointment Reminders / Lead Nurturing

Automate your follow-up and reminders with SwiftCloud Sequences! This is also known as Appointment Reminder Software (Before + After Mode in our system) Lead Nurturing Software (After-only mode, i.e. Drip Marketing / Autoresponder Mode) Also, here’s a bit of a…

Appointment Scheduler Icon

Appointment Scheduling Software

NEW: This is now in public beta, free for all of 2021. This is the support help file, not the main product sales page for our Appointment Scheduling Software / aka SwiftSchedule.com + SwiftCalendar.com We’ll have a sunrise “grandfathered pricing”…

Computer Code

API: Electronic Signature

Note our Electronic Signature API has 2 parts: Inbound & Outbound eSign / eDocs: Inbound: Inject variables into a contract or doc to be signed. This can even include a base 64 image (say, for an X-ray image, or driver’s…