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Unsure what marketing sequences to make?

Here’s a great starting place – ideally, each of these should be a sequence of 4-7 (or more!) messages:

  1. Welcome Email – new people joining your newsletter, aka the Indoctrination Sequence
  2. CEO Welcome. If you’re a small business, embrace it! A lot of small businesses try to look larger than they are, which is a mistake. People want to know you’re not doing this for the first time, but once that concern is resolved, smaller and personalized is better.
  3. Next Step: ideally, you have a few sub-sequences based on what stage of the sale or process someone is at, letting them know what the next step is. See also: RAVE sequence automation, which allows you to guide someone from unaware you exist to raving fan.
  4. Educational email: Goal here is demonstrate expertise, talk about the problems you solve.
  5. Pitch email: How and why your solution works and is the best. Related: Stories of Success – case studies. This helps demonstrate what you do, while also creating trust.
  6. Winback email, aka “Lazarus List” for “dead” prospects.
  7. Incentive Email – if you have a special offer (TIP: Don’t discount the price, instead, add more value), then tell that story, and include a finite end or condition
  8. Expiration Warning: Either that their account, warranty, maintenance period, free trial, etc. is ending.
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