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Change Password

Changing your password is easy, once you know where to look. Step 1: Get logged in. TIP: Need to reset your password? Click to trigger a reset. A password reset link will be set to your email, if the…

Reset Password Login Trouble

Password Reset / Forgot Password

Need a password reset? Click Login Troubles here… Don’t worry – it happens to all of us. TIP: When you get logged in, enable “login via Facebook” and “Login via Google”! It makes login easier, faster, and helps secure your…

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Secure Your Account + Merge Accounts

Why do this: One of our most common errors is users sign a doc to test their forms using one of their own emails, this then creates a separate totally disconnected account. Later, they login using that other email and…

Email to e-signor

Change your Primary Email

Heads up! This will change your login email! Note this will NOT affect your login-via-Google or Login-via-Facebook. It will also affect your automations set to “Email me at Primary Email”, which is the default for e-sign docs, forms, e-commerce, etc….