Digital Waivers Online

SwiftCloud’s Digital Waivers Online are usually “set it and forget it”, easy to set up, legally binding, and provide powerful automation and user management.

That’s a few ideas, so let’s unpack it.

First, with digital waivers online you need the basics done well, which means digital waivers online that users can e-sign via phone, tablet, kiosk, desktop either in advance through your website, or on-premise with a tablet or kiosk, typically.

Digital waivers don’t just replace paper, they are far superior to paper

Digital Waivers Online

Digital Waivers can do things paper could never do – if-then logic, trigger automation, and more… but they’re still simple to use. Easier, actually, than paper, and more secure.

First, with digital waivers online, you won’t need to re-type information into other systems, or just lock it in a drawer and forget about it. Instead, the e-sign waivers auto-export to marketing and other downstream systems, and can optionally export and connect to many other business software systems.

SwiftCloud’s digital waivers can also include if-then branching logic to do things like get a parent’s photo and signature if the participant is under 18, or  depending on activities checked, or whether there are medical needs, accommodations to make, allergies etc. to get more info. This keeps your waivers simple, clean and fast for most, but detailed enough to gather more info for the smaller percentage of people that have a concern to be noted.

Furthermore, for those who do have concerns, contact records can be tagged, which may help fulfill the requests or meet the needs of those participants.

Digital waivers can also be gathered offline, and then reconciled to the server when back online, such as with a tablet on a soccer field or whitewater rafting site with no internet.

SwiftCloud allows for upload and storage of any file, including photos, PDFs, videos etc – which can help store a photo of scan, video of an incident, confession of a crime such as shoplifting, or can include separate waivers applicable if a participant is injured on site.

All participant signers are added to your address book database and can be searched by name, phone, email, or date range. The powerful contact system allows for private notes, email correspondence to the participant or other contacts such as vendors or staff, and grouping using tags.

Getting started with SwiftCloud
digital waivers online is easy.
All accounts start for just $1.

In most cases, you can start by cloning an editable copy of an existing waiver from our templates library, then copy and paste the content you already have approved from your existing document(s). Once you set the form up, you’ll want to work it into your workflow, and/or request signature from few people or large list of people.

SwiftCloud’s bulk e-sign request feature allows you to upload and import a CSV spreadsheet of people (usually exported from some other system or a system like Microsoft Excel), then track who has signed and who hasn’t, and then send reminders to just the non-responders.

As people sign, they’ll get a confirmation, which varies by use – kiosks and tablets might show a big “Success” message and then it’ll reset for the next guest, while digital waivers online (linked from your website) might direct signers back to a confirmation page or to payment – the choice is yours, and it’s easy to set up.

Digital waivers online can turn an expense item into a profit center, helping you get more referrals and reviews, save your customers time, save your employees time and hassle from having to type info into other computer systems, reduce errors by validating emails or including if-then logic (such as getting signatures for parents of children under 18, or adding sections based on medical history or activity selected) and more. Furthermore, it’s actually cheaper than paper due to paper’s hidden costs – retyping, storage, printing, pens – and better for the environment.

For advanced options like printing wristbands, setting up a self-serve kiosk, medical compliance and more, contact our team or check out our support system. We take this seriously, and we’re in a sweet spot of big enough to be stable and growing, yet small enough to help ensure each client reaches their business goals and gets set up correctly.

All accounts have a 60 day no-hassle guarantee, and all accounts are just $1 for the first 14 days. Why not take 20 minuets to setup your digital waiver online right now?

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