WordPress e-Commerce Installation

SwiftCloud automatically contains a solid basic e-commerce system. It’s free, and may be for quite some time. We’d like to sell you automation and AI, and there will always be more powerful (and more complex) systems for true e-commerce. If you just need a basic, quick way to manage accounts, including memberships, SwiftCloud’s system is Read More…

Ecommerce – Paypal Recurring Payments Setup

In order to accurately collect money and deliver the associated product / permissions, you need to set up “Paypal IPN”. Fear not – it’s not hard, a one-time setup, and we’ll walk you through it. Get logged into paypal, whatever account you want your money to flow to. Your clients will not see this email Read More…


e-CommerceMay 25,2011

e-Commerce Setup Start with Paypal. Trust us, it’s hands down the easiest to deploy, the credit card rates are great (about 2.25% + $.25 I think, as of last checking), and once you have a lot of money flowing through your website you can easily swap it out later if you’re really concerned about saving Read More…


PaypalMar 11,2011

How to add paypal to wordpress-based SwiftCMS / SwiftWebDesigner.com websites