Workrooms are automatically created when another user takes an action on one of your public-facing assets, such as…

  • e-Signs a doc
  • Buys one of your e-commerce products
  • Pays an invoice
  • etc. – more of these coming soon.

This video will give you a quick overview…

Note you can create a workroom anytime – simply go to your drive page, click Add New, and create a folder.

A folder is simply an un-shared workroom – so in the green “Users & Permissions” box click the add-new button to add an additional person or multiple people to the workroom.

They’ll get an invite, and you’re set! Within this common shared workroom you can store assets and messages, and we have a growing set of communication tools.

TIP: Workrooms can be nested – you can put them into any hierarchy like…

  • 123 Maple Lane Listing / Home Sale
    • Buyer’s Docs
      • Appraisal

as just one example. Over time, Workrooms will continue to grow in complexity, but the root idea will stay the same – a collaboration workspace.

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