Add signature to PDF online

Add signature to PDF online is easy using SwiftCloud. Note: The above phrase should be worded as “Add signature to [any, a] pdf online”, but that seems to be what people are searching for, and we just want to help. TIP: We have a growing library of free templates for our e-Sign users, including e-sign… Continue Reading Add signature to PDF online

21 Step Sales Letter Outline

While I’d love to take credit for the below, it’s me standing on the shoulders of giants – specifically, Ryan Deiss, Perry Belcher, Dan Kennedy, indirectly Joe Sugarman, and a few others. I ripped it off, then tweaked and noted and rehashed, like any marketer does. Use this as a template for sales letters, videos,… Continue Reading 21 Step Sales Letter Outline

Case Study: Ting

Case Study: TingDec 27,2018

Full disclosure: I’m a big fan of Ting, I’m happy to report, especially when combined with a free Google Voice number. More on my recommended setup below* Second, Ting appears to be using (below) a pretty classic “Net Promoter Score®” model, based on Bain & Company’s The Ultimate Question 2.0. Let’s dig in: First, the… Continue Reading Case Study: Ting

Influencer Marketing Software

As a teenager in the 1990’s, I worked for a small TV station in Minnesota, which was owned by a radio station. It was a fun time with plenty of shenanigans and pranks in between jam-packed deadline crunches. At that time, the major influencers were media companies. The barrier to entry was high, media was… Continue Reading Influencer Marketing Software

Electronic Signature for Sales Acceleration

Electronic signature can help you close more, faster. Years ago I was in the mortgage and real estate business. While certain competitors existed at that time, they did not at that time offer web-based templates, and were difficult to use. They required software to be installed, and more technical skill than should have been required.… Continue Reading Electronic Signature for Sales Acceleration

How to be a Professional Web Designer

If you’re reading this article, I’ll assume you either have decent skills to create a website, or have staff (domestic or remote overseas workers) to create websites. If you want to run an agency, all of SwiftCloud can absolutely help you do that – including SwiftClock’s multi-user mode in which you can mark up temporary… Continue Reading How to be a Professional Web Designer

Electronic Signature Waivers

Need to setup electronic signature waivers? We have a few (free to use with any SwiftCloud account) in the templates library – directions below how to clone an editable copy into your account. Top 10 Reasons for Electronic Signature Waivers NOT using electronic signature waivers is costing you money, period. Why & how? Lost time dealing… Continue Reading Electronic Signature Waivers

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Software

Speed & Automate Medical Marijuana Dispensary Paperwork with SwiftCloud One unique feature of our e-sign system is the ability to embed photos right into the doc, for age verification, medical license verification, and more. Don’t risk losing your licenses over issues surrounding age verification or patient compliance! Instantly snap a photo of a customer’s ID… Continue Reading Medical Marijuana Dispensary Software

Reviews Affect SEO (Search Engine Ranking)

According to, arguably the #1 authority on search engine optimization, review signals ranked 5th among the most important search engine ranking factors. Factors of the reviews include: Review Quantity Simple: more is better. Review velocity This needs to look legit and human. Too fast (too many too quickly) is more likely to be seen… Continue Reading Reviews Affect SEO (Search Engine Ranking)

5 Key Stats About Online Reviews

72% of consumers say positive reviews make them trust a business more. Real-world reviews along with corresponding stories, ideally with names and faces, provide social proof to help grow trust in your brand. Negative reviews, conversely, can quickly kill a sale. While reviews will never make someone buy (that’s up to your offer, headline, price,… Continue Reading 5 Key Stats About Online Reviews