e-Signature Kiosk / Tablet for In-Person Signing

Setting up an e-Signature Kiosk for in-person check-in and signing is easy with SwiftCloud. The software can be setup in minutes, and several hardware options that leverage off-the-shelf tablets are linked below, so your e-Signature Kiosk can be easy to maintain & inexpensive to set up. Why use kiosk e-Signature instead of old-school paper? If-then logic.… Continue Reading e-Signature Kiosk / Tablet for In-Person Signing

e-Signature with Payment

Electronic Signature & Payment is easy. In short you have two options: Get Money then e-Signature or Get e-Signature then Money Either are fine, and which is right for you depends on the nature of your sale. If you have a smaller amount (and thus more frequent), we recommend collecting money first, then getting signature. If… Continue Reading e-Signature with Payment

Are electronic signatures legally binding?

Yes! Electronic Signatures are 100% legally binding in nearly every jurisdiction around the globe, including the U.S. and E.U. Furthermore, electronic signatures are actually MORE difficult to forge than a traditional ink signature, because of the digital “fingerprinting” left at time of signature. For all paying accounts, expert witnesses are available for court appearance or deposition in the highly… Continue Reading Are electronic signatures legally binding?

Salesperson, Marketer, or Biz Dev?

Salesperson, Marketer, or Biz Dev? They’re not the same. This is something I know rationally, but when I stumbled on an article, it was really a “duh” moment. I’d fallen into the same trap I advise our clients against: Wanting to grow sales, but grouping all 3 of sales, marketing, and biz dev together. When… Continue Reading Salesperson, Marketer, or Biz Dev?

Product Review Software Case Study – Feastly

Note: I’m a fan of Feastly, which is like AirBnB or Uber for chefs and can recommend them. The below case study is not running our software; from what I can tell they built their own system. The info below is included as a reference, and all of this is possible with our WordPress plugin.… Continue Reading Product Review Software Case Study – Feastly

Freelance Time Tracking and Invoicing

SwiftClock with Swift Invoice is a complete Freelance Time Tracking & Invoicing system. We have more powerful paid versions if you’re ready to save some time, grow an agency, automate reminders and collections and automate some of your business – but you can definitely handle your essential Freelance Time Tracking & Invoicing needs with the free… Continue Reading Freelance Time Tracking and Invoicing

Things To Know When Using Autoresponders

In case you very own a Internet marketing or maybe web business, you’ve almost certainly harvested sick and tired of addressing the constant volume of e mail you receive every day. Almost all businesses obtain numerous emails a day, lots of which are queries from clients and customers. In the event that you’ve harvested sick… Continue Reading Things To Know When Using Autoresponders

Feast or Famine: A Solution

Feast or Famine: A Solution. By connecting marketing budgets (time/$) to pipeline dips, you can add consistency to income. Here are a few tricks to make it work. Continue Reading Feast or Famine: A Solution

Electronic Waivers in SwiftCloud

SwiftCloud is, we believe, the #1 choice for electronic waivers for most small & medium businesses. If you are finally switching over from paper to electronic waivers, you can start now below for just $1 and be set up in minutes. Electronic waivers in SwiftCloud are vastly superior to paper, and better than our competition… Continue Reading Electronic Waivers in SwiftCloud

It’s All Relationship Marketing

I believe the marketing landscape is deeply selfish. Everyone is selling tactics to push their agenda, rather than actually trying to help people. Crazy idea, I know. To be fair, some of this is a response to human nature: we all want magic bullets. We want a quick fix easy solution, and it’s easy money for… Continue Reading It’s All Relationship Marketing