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It’s All Relationship Marketing

I believe the marketing landscape is deeply selfish. Everyone is selling tactics to push their agenda, rather than actually trying to help people. Crazy idea, I know. To be fair, some of this is a response to human nature: we all want magic bullets. We want a quick fix easy solution, and it’s easy money for Read More…

Small Business CRM Options for Automation

There’s a big problem with most of the small business CRM options out there: they rely heavily on human input. This means more work, and it’s prone to failure and errors. Nobody wants a CRM – they want more sales, easier client management, more profit…. the CRM is just the tool to make that happen. Read More…

Why Hosted CRM is Better

Why hosted CRM is better – Top 10 Reasons, to be exact. is a hosted CRM focused on automation and integration, with a “Positive ROI Guarantee”.

Reverse Mortgage CRM Form

We’re started a Forms Library, and the very first form being added to it is a Reverse Mortgage Application Form This is available in SwiftCloud e-signature as a template. To apply this to your own site is very easy – you’ll need…. Login to SwiftCloud.IO and go to Files & Docs >> Docs & Forms Read More…

Direct Mail Software

Direct Mail Software features included within SwiftCRM include Personal URL’s, Multi-Response Tracking, Re-Export of Non-Responders for high-value prospects, tracking & analytics, and more. One common mistake direct mail marketers make is being “penny wise and pound foolish” – when the real number that matters is your “cost per closed deal”.

Switch to SwiftCRM

Switch to SwiftCRMMay 12,2010

How to reduce your CRM costs, increase ROI, increase functionality by switching to SwiftCRM, your instant sales dashboard and company intranet.

Why Use a Predictive Dialer? 500% More Talk Time

Why Use a Predictive Dialer – how using a dialer can increase talk time over 500%. This is specifically about CRM dialer integration.

Email Automatic Responder

SwiftCRM contains the world’s most powerful email automatic responder as part of our “information robotics” suite to put your business on autopilot. Free Trial, Help Demo Video, & more.

Autoresponder Variables

SwiftCRM contains one of the most powerful marketing automation systems on the market. It is much more than just an autoresponder; it can trigger unlimited messages based on any status update based on any lead type. And it’s easy to use! A new feature we have just added is the ability to add variables into Read More…

CRM System

CRM SystemJul 08,2009

SwiftCRM is a CRM System 100% online focused on sales automation, integration, and customization to your business. We believe software should conform to humans, not vice versa. Click for Free Trial / Tour.