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Worried About Getting Sued? Protect Yourself.

If you run a business that requires a release of liability form, you’re probably familiar with the process of getting your customers to sign on the dotted line. It should be simple, right? But sometimes it’s not.  Sometimes it ends in a legal dispute over whether a customer is liable or whether you are. There’s… Continue Reading Worried About Getting Sued? Protect Yourself.


e-WaiversMay 02,2019

E-waivers, or Electronic Waivers are all about protecting your business from frivolous lawsuits, but can actually do so much more. First, all electronic signatures in the US and EU are fully legally binding, the same as paper signatures, according to the E-SIGN act of 2000 and various other laws. On top of that, SwiftCloud’s smart… Continue Reading e-Waivers

Digital Waivers Online

SwiftCloud’s Digital Waivers Online are usually “set it and forget it”, easy to set up, legally binding, and provide powerful automation and user management. That’s a few ideas, so let’s unpack it. First, with digital waivers online you need the basics done well, which means digital waivers online that users can e-sign via phone, tablet,… Continue Reading Digital Waivers Online

Online Sports Waiver Software

SwiftCloud is an ideal sports waiver software platform. Why? It’s everything you need in a sports waiver software system, but unlike most competitors, it can provide more flexibility your business needs to handle more advanced systems – injuries, marketing, sales systems, HR & staffing & more. SwiftCloud’s system can also help reduce legal risk in… Continue Reading Online Sports Waiver Software

Electronic Waivers in SwiftCloud

SwiftCloud is, we believe, the #1 choice for electronic waivers for most small & medium businesses. If you are finally switching over from paper to electronic waivers, you can start now below for just $1 and be set up in minutes. Electronic waivers in SwiftCloud are vastly superior to paper, and better than our competition… Continue Reading Electronic Waivers in SwiftCloud

Liability Release Form

SwiftCloud E-Signature system has a free Liability Release Form template for you. Why use electronic signature for your liability release form? Glad you asked… Marketing. If you’re still using 1980’s style paper for your liability release form, are you entering your customer’s info into your marketing system? This should be 100% automated and if you’re… Continue Reading Liability Release Form