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This allows remote systems to post data into SwiftCloud for purpose usually of lead capture, though it can be used for anything – helpdesk, e-sign contract generation flows, etc. Why use it / Common Use Cases Facebook Lead Form Ads – Will notify you, create the workroom, fire autoresponder messages, create the contact Zapier, IFFFT, Read More…

Ad Sizes

Ad SizesJan 27,2018

This is what’s referred to as a “UAP” – “Universal Ad Package”. It is the most common four sizes. 300 x 250 – (Medium Rectangle) 180 x 150 – (Rectangle) 160 x 600 – (Wide Skyscraper) 728 x 90 – (Leaderboard) It’s not part of the UAP, but facebook ads are 110 x 80 and Read More…

Feast or Famine: A Solution

Feast or Famine: A Solution. By connecting marketing budgets (time/$) to pipeline dips, you can add consistency to income. Here are a few tricks to make it work.

Facts About Web Design

I was researching this for some of our own marketing, and found it interesting. First, an old fact: 75% “of web users admit making judgments about the credibility of an organization based on the design of its web site”. [Source: Study by B.J. Fogg at Stanford ] This is interesting, but dated; my hypothesis is that these days, Read More…

Rules for Marketing Success

I saw an Ad in “Direct Response”, a magazine I get, that had some great tips – so I’m passing them along, though it’s mixed with my own comments. 9 Rules for Marketing Success: Empirical, not emotional decisions. This is one of the reasons using a CRM is an absolute must, because if you don’t Read More…

Advanced SEO Tools

Advanced SEO ToolsJul 19,2010

These tools are not for the rookies. If you’re serious about Search Engine Optimization, these tools may prove helpful: – tells you about the engine(s) under the hood – highlights SEO vulnerabilities of competitors, among other data – quick report about overall SEO Backlink Analyzer – tool from (free!) to see Read More…

Advertise Online

Advertise OnlineJul 10,2010

The top 50 ad networks online, and how to ensure, or at least maximize the odds of getting a profitable campaign.