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EASY FIX: Guest User instead of Name

TIP: SwiftCloud Docs must have exactly one [swift_name_both] per role.

[swift_name_both name=”swift_name_both” role=”Client” required]

NOTE: If you add multiple “Name both” into a doc, AND the role is the same, it will convert it to something like

[swift_name_both name=”extra_swift_name_both_1588184473527″ role=”Client” required]

TIP: Revise that big string of numbers to something useful, like
[swift_name_both name=”extra_swift_name_both_bottom role=”Client” required]

The “extra_” prefix in front of any shortcode tells SwiftCloud to basically ignore the contents, to not treat as a reserved field.


  • [swift_address address_type=”Work” required role=”Client”] — this will get saved to the contact’s address book as their address
  • [extra_swift_address address_type required role=”Client”] — this will not. We’ll basically ignore it, other than including in the signed doc.

This is how SwiftCloud knows a field is someone’s name, instead of just “misc data” we don’t do anything with.

IF your docs are coming through with “Guest User 12345” type info, you’re missing the correct name field.

This is common, but easy to fix. If you use multiple name fields for a given role (common on sales contracts, in which you refer to the person multiple times), only one of these is the official “name” field.

TIP: You can split this into first name, last name if you prefer; if you use swift_name_both, our system will automatically split this into first and last name (most common).

Note you can use multiple name fields IF the role is different. Example:

Worker: [swift_name_both name=”swift_name_both” role=”Applicant” required]
Employer: [swift_name_both name=”swift_name_both” role=”Client” required]

…and both will get added to your address book separately. This is also key for multi-party e-Sign or forms.


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