electronic signature return to website

If you’re setting this message, you need to define your thank-you page a user sees after filling your form.

It’s easy! We recommend…

  1. Create a simple page on your website like YourSite.com/form-submitted or YourSite.com/thanks or YourSite.com/payment, publish it, and note the URL into the space below. On that page, add a simple message like “Thanks! We’ve got your form message – you’re all set.” – this is the page a user sees after a form is submitted. This could also be an appointment scheduler, payment system, or just a simple thank-you page – or even more pages to sign. It’s whatever you like, but letting your website visitors know what to expect is always a good idea, so they feel warm and fuzzy and know they’ve done what was expected to reach their goals. Anyway, create this page, then…
  2. Add that URL into where the red arrows are pointing on your form-controls and click save at the bottom.

electronic signature return to website

Don’t want to do this? We have a few other options per above. For more help, search for forms help here on the support system.

Or contact us for consulting help or a referral to our talent marketplace providers.

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