Roles Automation

Various assets including e-signature are based on roles – i.e. buyer then seller, employee then employer.

By automating this, you can set up data and automation flows to make your business run on autopilot, or at least automate some business processes.

To do this, you need 2 key parts:

  • Role based automation rules
  • Something that role will do, i.e. sign a doc, pay an invoice, complete a task, etc.

This allows you to chain things together automatically – so that after the employee / new hire signs an envelope of docs for example, it automatically gets forwarded to the employer (which might be you, or could be a 3rd party if you’re a staffing firm).

This is the official help guide on how to use this:

Electronic Signature Roles Automation:

FIELDS: Either….

  1. Select a role when using the shortcode generator, or
  2. Hand-edit the role using this format:
    1. [swift_additionalcontact_1_name role=”buyer”]  /// if the name is unknown i.e. going to be entered by someone on-the-fly, or using our URL Generator Tool
    2. [swift_name role=”seller”] /// if you are assembling a roles based team and know who is going to fill these roles and are defining this prior to sending the doc(s) out for signature.

More to follow June 2018 to this entry: