Electronic Signature With Payment (Sign & Pay)

You can now get a signature and payment all in one step, on one doc. NOTE: If your doc contains Electronic Signature and a Payment Form, we will automatically change the button to Sign & Pay We have a variety of shortcodes for this, including choose a product, manual entry of dollar amount, and others. Read More…

Getting Paid

Getting PaidMay 03,2020

We have many ways to collect money in SwiftCloud, which are… Invoice / Estimate / Proposal / Receipt System Shopping Cart / SwiftShop / e-Store Landing Pages or Sales Page Signup-with-Product (i.e. Memberships) e-Sign In-Doc Mode “Sign & Pay” – integrated into an e-Sign doc, or doc-form like a setup or intake form, lease application, Read More…


PaypalMar 11,2011

How to add paypal to wordpress-based SwiftCMS / SwiftWebDesigner.com websites