Change your Primary Email

Heads up! This will change your login email! Note this will NOT affect your login-via-Google or Login-via-Facebook. It will also affect your automations set to “Email me at Primary Email”, which is the default for e-sign docs, forms, e-commerce, etc. Simply click the gear in the bottom left >> Edit Profile >> Primary Email.

How to Set Up Login via Facebook or Google with SwiftCloud

Difficulty: easy Time: 3 minutes If you have an existing SwiftCloud account and you want to add login-via-facebook and/or login-via google and/or login-via windows live, simply Login using your email and password Go to – (Click your photo on the navigation top right, then “logged in as {yourname}”) On the right side, below your Read More…

Import to Contacts / CRM / SwiftCloud

Import to SwiftCloud Note: the same process applies for importing CRM Data. In this video we import CSV (Comma Separated Values), however, we encourage you to use TSV (Tab Separated Values) as it is more reliable (because addresses sometimes contain commas in the street address or comments, which then affects the column-order).  

Help >> Mail Merge

Help >> Mail MergeFeb 24,2015

Mail Merge in SwiftCloud To send a mail merge document, simply add any of the following shortcodes into your document. %%FIRSTNAME_Firstcap%% // recipient’s first name, with the first letter capitalized and other letters lowercase. You can simply use %%FIRSTNAME%% if you don’t care to correct capitalization %%LASTNAME%% // recipient’s last name, in this case, not Read More…