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Conditional Logic Forms

We’ve added an exciting new feature to our electronic signature system, which is… Branching / Conditional Logic What’s that? Glad you asked…. MOST COMMON USES: e-Waiver: Are you over 18? // if under, get parent signature Do you have any allergies or injuries? // if yes, get more info, otherwise hide the more-info field Income Read More…

Useful Snippets

Useful SnippetsJan 18,2019

The following snippets of shortcode may be of use for dropdowns in e-sign docs and other forms. Feel free to copy and paste these into your own docs. We’ll evolve this over time… Note: Countries is built into SwiftCloud, just add [swift_country_dropdown required] USA States – Abbreviations (Note: Is missing DC, Guam, etc – add Read More…

Connect SwiftCloud Forms to Remote APIs

Here’s an example Json file, which translates variable names, below: Why this is needed: SwiftForm has a few fields that are required, such as name, email Your remote system, such as some other CRM, will take simple POST data, but the variable field-name is different. In short, this allows you to translate something like “email” Read More…

How to create web forms

Full article at How to create web forms using (Free HTML forms generator). Forms will email you + can optionally send autoresponders, feed into SwiftCRM, save to your contact book, and much more.