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We’ve added an exciting new feature to our electronic signature wordpress plugin (and the same exact shortcodes will apply to SwiftCloud-side docs, so that users can transfer back and forth between WordPress and SwiftCloud), which is…

Branching / Conditional Logic

What’s that? Glad you asked….

Conditional Logic allows you to show or hide sections based on user input – checkboxes, etc.

Typically this is for more questions that apply only for select questions. Here’s an example:

Do you [  ] own your home or [  ] rent your home?

IF user owns their home, we need to ask….

How much is your mortgage? How much is the house worth?

but IF the user clicks rent, they’ll never even see those questions – making everything easier, faster, better, smoother, more understandable and more like a real-world conversation, where you only ask the right questions.

Technically, you can even nest these one inside the other!

This has been added to the shortcode-editor tool so that you don’t have to remember the tags, but some of this gets a bit more complex so you should see the syntax – it’s pretty easy as long as you understand the basics, which are that any given section has to be either VISIBLE or NOT Visible by default, then the behavior is toggled based on a “trigger field”.

Branching Conditional Logic Forms


  • In the above example, everything between the two green tags – what’s your home worth – would only appear IF someone clicked yes to owning their home.
  • The pink fields are the controls – these must match.
  • The blue “hide” is the default behavior when the page first loads. Usually, this is set to hide, but show is also an option.

What can you do with conditional logic e-signature forms?

  • Make your intake forms smarter and easier to understand
  • Fewer fields = more intake, so making the forms look less intimidating (fewer fields) whe the page first loads will help win more applications.
  • Save your customers time and confusion, which will ultimately save you time and increase sales.
  • Pave the way toward AI-based chat discussion bots. Yes, it’s coming, and sooner than you think!

Try it out! Paste this text into your doc:

<!– start here –>

Do you own your home or rent?
[swift_circleword name=”ownhouse” options=”rent, own”]

[swift_showhide default=”hide” trigger=”ownhouse” value=”own”]
What’s the home worth?

<!– end here –>

TIP: You can trigger conditional logic / branching logic forms based on…

  • circleword
  • radio button
  • dropdowns

As always, we welcome your feedback, tips, tricks, and requests.

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