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Real Estate Leads Dashboard

We have a few real estate clients, and are developing a set of recommended feeds for various lead-types along with general best practices. See our “Dashboard Best Practices” article first, then consider adding the following: Probates Obituaries RSS feeds – some newspapers have an RSS feed directly for this category, others use Legacy.com which is Read More…

Pricing Trap

Pricing TrapOct 16,2012

Here’s the Pricing Trap: NOTE: I get a bit plucky here, this should be taken as a grain of salt. There’s truth in it, but it’s a bit editorial… based on reality, but maybe a bit stronger than some can take it. Can you handle the truth? People who aren’t marketers don’t know how to Read More…

CSV Import

CSV ImportMar 22,2012

How to import Aged Leads into SwiftCRM, or migrate from competing systems to SwiftCRM hosted CRM software.