Electronic i-9 Form

Electronic i-9 FormFeb 08,2019

Electronic i-9 form online completion is an option with SwiftCloud, but it’s a bit complex – not due to technology, but due to government regulations. Below includes some guidance to how you want to handle your electronic i-9 form policies. TL;DR: E-Sign I-9 can be e-signed, but the worker MUST present physical evidence to the Read More…

Swift Staff WordPress Plugin Official Documentation

SwiftCloud contains an Applicant Tracking System (“ATS”) to help companies recruit, hire, and onboard both full time workers, freelance and part time workers, and marketing affiliates, both on-site or off-site. SwiftCloud has numerous staffing industry clients, and we’re familiar with the needs of recruiting agencies. For a full description, see below. SHORTCODES Drop these into Read More…

Staffing Firm Websites

Staffing Firm Websites