Wordpress e-signature Plugin

Migrating from the legacy (and sometimes buggy) 1.0 WordPress e-Signature plugin is easy – 90% is just copy and paste including the shortcodes.

To migrate your WordPress e-Signature Plugin to SwiftCloud-Docs, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Pick any plan on https://swiftcloud.ai/products/electronic-signature and get signed up. All plans have a 60 day money-back guarantee and this can be setup in just minutes, so do that first.
  2. Once in, create a new doc i.e. whatever you want signed – just a page title for you.
  3. Find the little blue button with a white pen, and select “Quick Start Setup”, then delete everything in the main page body area (you’re going to replace it).
  4. Next, get logged into your WordPress admin and get to the backend of your e-signable page. Copy the entire page, shortcodes and all.
  5. Paste that into the new doc you created (the newly blank SwiftCloud doc).
  6. Delete the following:
    1. The very first line i.e. [swiftsign swift_form_id=”1234″ fullpagemode=on]
    2. The very last 2 lines – [swift_button] and [/swiftsign]
  7. Next, click Save at the bottom and then click Preview to see your doc.

V1 Users: Old docs will continue to be accessible for several years to come, but new signatures will be blocked Sept 2018.

You’re more or less done!

Also ensure the section right below the main-doc, the “User Experience Flow” has some action – usually you want to send them back to your WordPress site to a thanks page, but you could send them right to payment, etc.

Most shortcodes have purposely stayed the same. Note .AI is 2.0, and .IO is 1.0 – these look similar on purpose but we have started to retire and migrate all clients. The WordPress Plugin will stay active, but will switch to handling just receipts, tracking, hidden marketing variables, and other related non-signature functions.