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SwiftCloud can help you find, win, and close more MCA (Merchant Cash Advance) deals.

How? Let’s dive in.

SwiftCloud is an industry-leading paperless platform you can use for anything, and built into it is a branded-to-you portal.

Using SwiftCloud, you can easily create…

  • All your client applications online anyone can fill out over the web or in person on a tablet
  • On any page you can easily let the client upload docs – W2s, tax returns, bank statements, business licenses etc
  • Everything the client does – uploads, e-signs, fills out a form, etc – will be saved in a secure, social online workroom, shared between you and the client
  • You can store private notes or communicate back and forth with your client(s) in the workroom.

… and a lot more. In short, SwiftCloud was designed from the ground up to be a social network designed for work like this, by a former mortgage broker.

TIP: We’ll setup a free demo for you using one of your docs, whatever you need to get signed. Just send us the doc you want signed, or grab a free template & modify it.

We have a Video on Demand / Recorded Webinar about using SwiftCloud as Merchant Cash Advance Software & Business Financing in which we take a deeper dive into…

  • How to get clients to self-duplicate, so each client refers at least one other
  • How to protect and firewall your reputation
  • How to create “fishing bait” to open doors and start conversations by using SwiftCloud’s free doc/form templates, if-then branching logic to create smart forms, and instant landing pages with free reports or videos
  • How SwiftCloud’s smart docs will reduce errors on your intake applications and thus save you back and forth with clients

Can we send it to you now? Contact us – we’re just wrapping this up.

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