e-Signature Branding

SwiftCloud should match your style!

Here’s how to style SwiftCloud to display your colors and logo. This will affect e-signature docs, envelopes, and over time, much more – emails, invoices, account portals and more.

Let’s set it up. It’s easy, once you know where to look.

The yellow arrows below show just one example:

e-Signature Branding

Go to…

  • RED – click the gear bottom left, then
  • ORANGE – click Edit Profile
  • BLUE – scroll to “Appearance & Styling”
  • GREEN – toggle this to ON, and some options will appear.

TIP: Logos should be 80 px high by 250 wide to 400 wide.

Later, we’ll add domain-level mapping, so you can have SwiftCloud running on your own domain or subdomain, such as https://ClientPortal.YourDomainHere.com or http://ApplyOnline.YourDomainHere.com etc.

Have any questions or issues? Drop us a line and we’ll update this entry.

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