Mission Statement

Mission StatementSep 08,2014

Why we exist: The short version: We make business easier and more fun. The slightly longer version: We let your passion shine through into your business, by making the boring and difficult tasks required in business easier, more fun, and as automated as possible. You started your business because you’re good at something, and some Read More…

Help on Help

Help on HelpSep 03,2014

On any page, click the help icon in the top right to see help about that specific page. The system will know what page you’re on, and so the help files will be specific. If you encounter a blank page, just let us know! We’ll be happy to complete it for you – they all Read More…

How to create web forms

Full article at http://swiftform.com/intro-tour How to create web forms using SwiftForm.com (Free HTML forms generator). Forms will email you + can optionally send autoresponders, feed into SwiftCRM, save to your contact book, and much more.

Welcome to SwiftCloud!

Welcome to SwiftCloud! This post will get continuously updated with training as we roll out features. It is a sticky post inside new account feeds.

Why Was I Contacted?

If you’ve received email from us, it’s because either you opted in to one of our many systems, or someone you know and are working with in some capacity has added you. That said, you’re the boss over how and when we contact you. If you have concerns, pop over to http://SwiftCloud.IO/optout SwiftCloud is a Read More…

Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to Swift Corporation. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! To edit this post, just login to the control panel (emailed to you), then click “Posts” in the top left. We have also pre-loaded some “best practices” categories for you as a suggestion. For training and help, see http://SwiftWebDesigner.com/welcome