Change your Primary Email

Heads up! This will change your login email! Note this will NOT affect your login-via-Google or Login-via-Facebook. It will also affect your automations set to “Email me at Primary Email”, which is the default for e-sign docs, forms, e-commerce, etc. Simply click the gear in the bottom left >> Edit Profile >> Primary Email.

Email Not Arriving

Email Not ArrivingOct 21,2018

If you are not getting notified of some action happening such as an electronic signature doc not sending you a PDF, this will help. STEP 1: Ensure notification to you is enabled. By default, this is ON, however, you should check to what email or emails it is sending to. On the backend page for Read More…


EmailMar 03,2011

Here’s how to setup your email for your new domain. Frequently asked questions below, and as always, submit any questions through /support and we’ll append this document. Simple Fast Version: Setup at If for some reason the video above doesn’t work, or you missed something, or need more info, this older video may help. Read More…

Problem: Autoresponder Sending with Wrong Account Info

Problem: Autoresponder Sending with Wrong Account Info: Solution: Be sure 2 settings are correct; one within Admin >> General Settings (outgoing email SMTP or Gmail Account), and that the Autoresponder Message is set to “My Pipeline Only”